Brand NWU

Brand NWU

By Mass Communications Specialist 2nd Class Kilho Park

JTF Guantanamo Public Affairs

The new Navy Working Uniform Type III changeover is right around the corner, and The Wire sought Navy Expeditionary Guard Battalion Executive Officer Lt. Cmdr. Mack Brunson to answer your questions.

1) Why is the Navy implementing the NWU Type III uniforms in the first place? Why change from the DCUs we currently have?

- DCUs are no longer supported by the stock system. Replacements are no longer being manufactured. The Navy decided to transition all expeditionary and individual augmentee (IA) Sailors to the Type IIIs, replacing the old woodland camouflage and the DCUs.

2) When is the rollout date and when should Sailors at Joint Task Force Guantanamo be receiving their uniforms?

- JTF Guantanamo transition date: April 16.

- Exception: The incoming NEGB Sailors will be the first company to be outfitted with Type III’s, and will be wearing them before the transition date because they will not be issued any DCUs.

- Each Sailor will be issued three sets, including the 8-point cover. The current boots are authorized for wearing with the Type IIIs.

3) Who in the JTF will be assigned to wear Type IIIs?

- All Navy IAs assigned to JTF Guantanamo will transition to the Type IIIs.

4) Will the NEX be able to support any uniform accessories like name tapes, or will we have to purchase them ourselves? Can alternations be made if the issued uniforms are too short, long, big, etc.?

- The NEX has an existing order for Type III materials.

- The name tapes will come with the uniform issue, in the Type III material. NEGB is working to get name tape material on island to produce the job title badges, and should have them ready for issue by the transition deadline.

- No one should have to get any of these uniforms tailored if they provided the appropriate sizes. The Type III sizes are the same as the Type I (blue digital) size chart. If a member provided the sizes of their DCUs, they may have to tailor their Type IIIs. If that is the case, it will be at the member’s expense. If they received something other than what they ordered, they need to contact Lt. Cmdr. Mack Brunson or Chief Petty Officer Arnel Valdez and we will work to get them the correct sizes.

5) Do we have to dry clean these uniforms?

- The Type IIIs are wash-and-wear: no drycleaning required.

6) Is the cost for the new uniforms coming out of pocket?

- This is considered “initial issue” and no money will come out of the Sailor’s paycheck.

7) What do we do with our old DCUs? Can we just chuck them in the trash or will there be a collection? Can we make our pants into shorts?

- Just like at any other time, DO NOT simply throw old uniforms away. More guidance on exactly what to do with them will be provided before the transition date.